Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The Texas R’s passed their little redistricting, and it’s so blatantly partisan and yes, racist, that they may have over-reached themselves. Midland has a congressional district and the capital Austin doesn’t, and the districts are all funny shapes. So it might be thrown out in court. Especially since the panel that the D’s are appealing to is the one that drew up the current districts.

The Supreme Court is to decide whether “under God” can be in the pledge of allegiance. Scalia is recusing himself, presumably because he thinks he is God, or possibly that he is above rather than under God (actually because Fat Tony has publicly expressed himself on this issue).

The Onion says “Schwarzenegger Elected First Horseman Of The Apocalypse.” Actually, Der Arnold becoming the highest-paid “actor” in the world was the first sign of the apocalypse, so I think it’s just greedy for him to have become a second sign. Incidentally, asked after the election about his promise to reveal all about his sexual escapades after the election, he said “Old news.” A Voice reporter calls him the Human Hummer. I have also heard Teflon Terminator.

Evidently Bush is on a partial fast, not eating sweets as long as troops are in Iraq. Sounds silly, but given his extremist religiosity, I’d go with creepy as a more apt description.

As was his attempt to reassure us about his Iraq policy: “The person who is in charge is me.” Do you feel reassured now, I know I do.

The real James Bond died today at 90.

From the Guardian: “A German who trained his dog to raise his right paw in a Hitler salute is to appear in court tomorrow, German prosecutors said last night.” A black (ahem) mongrel (ahem) sheepdog, no prizes for guessing its name.

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