Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Whatever means is necessary

R’s have responded to Der Arnold’s little “he said, she she she she she she she she she she she she she she she said” problem by telling the media that Gray Davis has a temper problem and once threw an ashtray at an aide. Like anybody would believe there are still ashtrays in California.

The Turkish Parliament gave permission for its army to march into Iraq, as per the request of the US, which is putting Bush’s political need to start pulling troops out over the need of his puppet government, which is objecting fiercely, to maintain even a hint of credibility. The US claims that the Turks, subsidized as I mentioned before at a cost of $950,000 each, won’t be targeting Kurds, but this is not what the Turkish foreign minister is saying.

An article in the Tues. NY Times says that executions by lethal injection often use drugs that do nothing to lessen suffering, but do disguise it from observers (and seem to be used for that purpose, or at least serve no other obvious function). And they use chemicals that are banned in some places for the euthanization of animals because they are considered cruel.

Bush said “In order for there to be a Palestinian state, the Palestinian Authority must fight terror and must use whatever means is necessary to fight terror.” That’s what I like about Bush, his idealism. Maybe they can put that in their constitution: “We the people, in order to use whatever means is necessary to fight terror...” James Madison would be proud. It should make the constitution a lot shorter, too, since there need be none of that fair trial, search warrant, 5th amendment crap, just “whatever means is necessary.” Or should that be “am necessary”? Jesus, George, six-year olds are better at subject-verb agreement than you are.

In horrendous Supreme Court decisions, we have two today: 1) it let stand the conviction of a pregnant woman for murder for “delivering drugs” to the fetus through the umbilical cord. 2) it let stand Arkansas forcing an insane guy to take drugs to make him sane enough to be executed.

Another good analysis of the Kay Report, again showing that it doesn’t say what the Bushies say it says.

At an economic summit in Thailand later this month, Bush’s food will be tested for poison on mice.

Ariel Sharon says Israel will strike at its enemies “in any place and in any way.” Well, probably not in any way. I doubt they’ll be throwing cream pies at their enemies, for example, a method of protest I’ve always favored. Bush said that Sharon’s moves are “valid decisions. We would be doing the same thing.” Which would make anybody else rethink their position, but probably not Sharon. Israel releases a bombing map of Damascus, what it claims are homes and offices of Palestinian militants. Plan your vacations accordingly.

Haaretz says that in 1973, the US (Kissinger) gave Israel a secret green light to keep fighting Egypt and Syria after the official cease-fire went into effect, even if those countries stopped fighting. And it did.

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