Sunday, October 12, 2003

Dog’s Breath corn dog

Israel has nukes on submarines, thanks to the US. The news seems to have been leaked by the US as a warning to Syria that it had better take any bitch-slapping Israel feels like handing out. (Later: Ha'aretz says in almost as many words that the LA Times story on this was planted by the Mossad, in an article on how the Syria-is-acquiring-WMDs stories in the American press have been managed by the spy agency.

Also, last week bombastic loudmouth John Bolton, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control, said the US doesn’t care about Israel’s nukes because Israel isn’t a “threat” to the US. I’d like to see the job description for under secretary of state for arms control.

The Indy reports that the US is copying Israeli collective-punishment tactics in Iraq, bulldozing the crops of farmers who don’t inform on the Resistance.

Australian PM John Howard, recently censured by the Senate, as I reported, is also under criticism for recalling Parliament just to hear a speech to be given by Dubya, at a cost of well over $1m. He won’t be pleased to hear that White House briefing papers given the press refer to him as John Major. They also say that Canberra is major-league boring (really)(I mean they really say that, although I’m sure it’s also true that Canberra is boring). The only restaurant it recommends is fast food. Evidently in Oz that means the Hog’s Breath Cafe, evidently a chain serving the Dog’s Breath corn dog (

If you don’t believe that Iraq is going swimmingly, there’s probably a letter from a US soldier stationed in Iraq in your local paper informing you of the fact. The military seems to be writing such letters, and asking soldiers to sign them, and sending them to their hometown newspapers. The Olympian noted two such identical letters. For extra fun, in a few days time run the quotes from those letters through to see how many papers fell for it.

An analysis of the Texas redistricting written for US Rep. Joe Barton (R-Deep in the Heart of Texas) says, “This has a real national impact that should assure that Republicans keep the House no matter the national mood.”

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