Friday, October 03, 2003

Where there's smoke there's Arnold rubbing a waitresses' breasts together

Israel decides to extend its wall, but will leave gaps to be filled in at some point when the US is distracted. The US, which had vaguely threatened to withhold a fraction of one percent of the aid it gives Israel, does nothing. Then Israel announces the building of hundreds more units in Ariel and elsewhere, and Colin Powell says the US has “concerns.”

The LA Times published accounts of several of the no doubt innumerable times in which Arnold has committed sexual battery on women. Arnold both denied the reports (“trash politics”) and apologized for them, sort of. “Playful,” indeed. Actually, as I re-read it, it looks more and more like a non-apology apology, sorry if you took my grabbing your ass in the wrong way, sorry if you took offense at my little request--described by the Daily Show as a cross between a gynaecological exam and a wine tasting. The Post has him saying, after the “apology,” “Now, let's go from the dirty politics back to the future of California.” Dirty politics? Oh good, now we know who the real victim is here. Poor Arnold, misunderstood even when he isn’t mangling the language, just some waitresses’ breasts. “Women voters should know that I always have strong women around me.” Sure, if they weren’t strong you’d break them.

If you’re not taking this seriously, as relevant to his qualifications to be governor, consider this phrasing of the story, from the Guardian: “Schwarzenegger has admitted that he used his celebrity to humiliate women sexually.” It’s not just boorishness towards women, it’s that he abuses any power he has (and many of these stories were from a time when he was just a C-list celebrity).

Also, some old quotes surfaced today about how much he admired Hitler. Who also abused his power a little, if I may engage in some dirty historiography.

Ok, and maybe it doesn’t seem like much after the Hitler thing, but the man, who started running saying he’d use his own money and be beholden to nobody, has decided to loan his campaign a few million. This is the classic rich candidate’s method of hiding his backers, who can contribute after the election is safely over. This violates Prop 34, which was passed in 2000. 2000 is of course ancient history--we know because the most recent of the gropings we know about occurred then, so it must be ancient history, huh?

Bustamante is now running ads saying that even if you vote against the recall, you have a responsibility to vote for a candidate. Several newspapers, I think including the Times, have recommended skipping the second part of the ballot.

And Davis again reminds us why no one likes him:
"I don’t know if any of you are parents," says Mr Davis to the small gathering of firefighters, teachers and police officers. "But I am, and I have difficult conversations with my children all the time: like when they want to stay out all night. Those conversations aren't much fun, are they? And if your child at that moment could recall YOU, what do you think he would do?" For a second, the Governor of California, the world's fifth largest economy, population 35 million, looks close to tears.
That was from the London Times, which also says something I’d missed before: the only previous governor to be recalled, Lynn Frazier of ND in 1921, was elected to the US Senate the following year, where he stayed for 3 terms.

Some tests of genetically-modified crops in Britain, which were supposed to be pro forma before Blair gives in to US demands that GM be allowed in, have shown that the crops are the major threat sane people always knew they were, killing off weeds, insects and endangering biodiversity.

It’s been 10 years since Boris Yeltsin bombarded the parliament building. Evidently since then it’s become clear that his dirty tricks squad created much of the violence he used as an excuse for his coup.

British foreign minister Jack Straw somehow claims that the war is justified by the finally released Kay report, which says no WMDs have been found in Iraq but Saddam “had not given up his aspirations and intentions.” Orwell imagined a Thought Police; even he never imagined that a Thought Army would invade because of aspirations and intentions.

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