Friday, October 24, 2003

Even though I've played very, very heroic characters in the movies....

In Britain a man has been fined for driving while using not one but two mobile phones.

Bald Tory Party Leader Number Two is likely to be kicked out soon. So soon that the bookies aren’t even taking bets on it anymore. Of course, IDS has proven a major loser, but the proximate cause is his siphoning of funds to pay his wife a salary for doing nothing (in theory she was working for him at home, taking care of his diary and such, which a very snarky Guardian writer says should soon be a very easy job, “because his appointments diary will be completely empty. "Right what have we got this week... Monday, let's see, hmm... Waitangi Day, New Zealand. Um. Tuesday... full moon. Wednesday... it's the vernal equinox... how am I going to fit all this in?"”). The same writer notes that like his wife, IDS has been paid money for two years to perform a job he isn’t actually doing, leading the opposition.

Fat Tony Scalia is reported as mocking the recent decision allowing gay sex, saying that sodomy was illegal at the time of the founding fathers. No one asked him whether it should therefore be illegal to teach a slave to read, probably not wanting to hear his answer.

The NY Times is asking for a Pulitzer to one of its own reporters to be revoked, for whitewashing Stalin in the 1930s. Two words: Judith Miller.

The Arnold met with Calif’s treasurer, and suddenly realized that the fiscal situation is not good, “disastrous,” he called it, and not just Last Action Hero disastrous, but End of Days disastrous. Now he’s trying to reduce expectations. “The problem was created over the last five years, and so you can't expect that — even though I've played very, very heroic characters in the movies, but you can't expect me to walk into his office and all of a sudden come out with the answers.” Which is odd because I thought the whole point of his campaign was that he had all the answers precisely because he had played the Terminator and the Kindergarten Cop. I’m pretty sure that’s what the bumper stickers said. And it made so much sense at the time.

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