Saturday, October 04, 2003

Any time, any place

My last email/post mentioned pussy cats in the subject line, as you will recall. SOMEbody’s over-zealous work computer bounced it: (reason: 553 5.0.0 Offensive E-mails not allowed at this site.)

The California, if not the federal, Do Not Call list went into effect this week. But just when I thought I didn’t need to screen my calls any more, who calls today but Al Gore, who wants me to vote against the recall.

The US has accepted Serbia’s offer to send troops and police to deal with the Muslims of Afghanistan. The US sees nothing wrong with this.

Yesterday I mentioned an Israeli tank commander being charged with negligence. The NY Times said he was charged with manslaughter. Wrong: just negligence.

Robin Cook, who resigned the Labour government over the Iraq war, says that Blair admitted Iraq had no WMDs 2 weeks before the war started. Might have been nice if Cook had mentioned that before. Resigning over principle is one thing, screwing up your book deal over principle is another matter entirely, evidently.

“U.S. Rep. Cass Ballenger [R-NC] blames the breakup of his 50-year marriage partly on the stress of living near a leading American Muslim advocacy group that he and his wife worried was so close to the U.S. Capitol that ‘they could blow the place up.’”

If you’re apt to believe Bush when he claims that David Kay’s report says the exact opposite of what it says, read here:

There hasn’t been much talk about David Kay himself. He’s actually been so much an advocate of attacking Iraq for so many years, has made repeated predictions about the nature of Iraq’s arsenal identical to those made by Bushies, sanctified those 2 mobile labs as signs of a biowar program well in advance of the facts, etc, that he actually seems the perfect man to front a Bush cover-up, which is not what he’s actually done.

Headline in the Sunday Times (London): “Arnie Gropes for Those Last Key Votes.” (And the NY Times says “Governor Davis Struggles to Hold His Base”--Arnold, of course, always tries to hold someone else’s base). And the Observer (London) has an editorial titled: “Arnie Did What? And We're Like... That's Amazing!”

The Arnold has continued attacking the integrity of the 11 women, who never even asked him to apologize, and blamed their statements on Davis dirty tricks and “sleaze politics.” There’s a lot of talk about the leftie LA Times too. And there’s this: “Meanwhile a group of young Republican women calling themselves Babes for Arnold are preparing to counter feminist demonstrators picketing his rallies across the state. They will hold banners reading: ‘I am yours, governor Arnold, any time, any place.’”

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