Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Change the channel

Our new old friend Gen Mark Kimmitt--military moron or comic genius? you be the judge!--was asked about Al Jazeera reports of civilians being killed by US forces in Fallujah. “Change the channel,” he responded.

Something I saw in an Arab source but not elsewhere, is that the US made Al Jazeera leaving Fallujah one of the conditions for a settlement of the siege. Kimmitt was pissed off at them for running live images of F-16 raids on the town during a phone interview in which he claimed that the US had declared a unilateral cease-fire.

Some thieves stole an alligator from a reptile park in Australia, only to return him 3 days later, in a reptile version of The Ransom of Red Chief. The alligator’s name was Mr. Cranky Pants, which might have been a clue (alligators who are forced to wear pants usually are cranky).

If you want to repress the Iraqi people, you have to turn to the experts. General Abizaid: “We've got to get more senior Iraqis involved, former military types involved in the security forces. In the next couple of days, you'll see a large number of senior officers being appointed to key positions in the ministry of defence and in Iraqi joint staff and in Iraqi field commands.”

Marines responsible for an Iraqi POW being beaten to death will face no charges. Surprise, surprise.

A Post story says that the Forest Service used misleading photos, which were supposed to demonstrate the horrible things that happen to forests if they aren’t logged, in a glossy pamphlet supporting more logging. Leaving the question, why were they using taxpayer money for that purpose anyway?

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