Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The list is not short

HE’S MAKING A LIST, CHECKING IT TWICE: Ariel Sharon promises to kill lots more people: “We got rid of murderer number one and murderer number two and the list is not short.”

Interesting that in the same week the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether inmates of Stalag Guantanamo have any right of access to the legal system, it ruled in another case that Indian tribes can prosecute members of other tribes for crimes committed on their reservations (I guess non-Injuns are exempt). And then be prosecuted by the US without double jeopardy applying, because as we all know the 5th amendment doesn’t mean what it obviously says. Which is better, being subject to multiple courts for the same crime, or no courts?

Still, it’s fun watching Solicitor General Ted Olson claim that Cuba has “ultimate sovereignty” over Gitmo. Which, LeftI points out, sheds some light on how little is meant by the transfer of “sovereignty” to Iraq on June 30th.

Article on Negroponte
. So what if he doesn’t know Arabic, he probably picked up some Spanish in Honduras, that’s close enough. Actually, I take that back, he probably didn’t pick up any Spanish, since his policy of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil was bilingual. And the CPA’s website has a picture of him in front of Picasso’s Guernica. Look if you don’t believe me. You couldn’t ask for better symbolism.

(Actually, don’t look. Since I wrote that, they’ve mysteriously clipped the picture so you can’t make out what the painting is.) You’ll remember that Guernica was covered up when Colin Powell went to the UN to lie about Iraq.

So who are those “security contractors” so thick on the ground in Iraq? Considering how many have been killed (but not counted in the “coalition” death toll, which the Bushies hope to keep in the 3 figures before election day), we’ve got obits on very few. Here is one, a South African who was part of one of the apartheid government’s death squads.

A WaPo poll asked whether Bush is a uniter or a divider. 50% said he’s a uniter, 48% a divider.

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