Sunday, April 11, 2004

Department of I Told You So: In my e-mail of Feb. 24 I predicted a coup in Venezuela. Now the only question is whether this was a natural response to Hugo Chavez’s assholery, or whether the CIA was involved.

Department of Corrections: All these years I have been saying that the Star Wars program could not work. I hereby admit that I was wrong. I thought any system could simply be overwhelmed by decoys and MIRVed missiles, but it seems the Bush administration is working on a solution: detonating large nuclear warheads 60 miles above the United States. That would certainly solve all those problems, and I don’t see any possible down-side, do you?

Ari Fleischer today called Ariel Sharon a “man of peace.”

Remember I wrote about the Carlyle Group a while back, and wondered why this hadn’t been covered in any depth? Well, it’s nice to see it brought up by a US Congresscritter, Cynthia McKinney. Too bad she’s clinically insane, and brought it up while accusing the Bushies of having had advanced warning of 9/11. Carlyle responded by asking if she’d made the remarks while standing on a grassy knoll in Roswell, NM. Um, no, actually in Berkeley, what’s your point? So she brought it up but in a way to ensure that it was discredited. Now if one believed in conspiracies....

Cheney did allow environmental groups to have input into his energy plan. 11 groups were emailed and told that they’d have a little time to send responses: 5, 4, 3, 2... All right, they were actually given a full 48 hours.

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