Monday, April 05, 2004


Paul Bremer has announced the creation of an Iraqi Ministry of Defense. Smart-asses are pointing out the irony of the occupying authority announcing a ministry to defend, presumably, against occupation by a foreign power.

Bremer also described Monsieur al-Sadr as an “outlaw,” although he failed to explain which law he is out of. I assume the demonization of Sadr is part of the ongoing attempt to find that one guy who, if they arrested or killed him, all their troubles would come to an end. And good luck with that.

Safire today says that the debate over whether Bush failed to heed warnings about 9/11 is “ancient history.” True (if you have the same idea of what “ancient history” is that a 12-year old has, Bill), the debate should have happened 2½ years ago. When it would have been attacked as unpatriotic. Thus following the Bush admin policy of heads I win, tails you lose.

Speaking of ancient history, congrats to the Toledo Blade for the Pulitzer for the series mentioned here on Vietnam war crimes. Still waiting for the results of the Pentagon investigation of that one. Last week Jim Lehrer mentioned it for the first time, and then asked why “you may be hearing about it for the first time.” He did not pick up a mirror and start cross-examining himself.

Revenge attacks by US forces in Fallujah are called Operation Valiant Resolve. There’s some guy whose whole job is to come up with those names (although the first attempt was Vigilant Resolve, which was dropped for obvious reasons), and he’s paid more than any of us. Also, note that we’re back to bombing people from the air. Robert Fisk: “The helicopter attacks in Shoula looked like a copycat of every Israeli raid on the West Bank and Gaza. Indeed, Iraqis are well aware that the US military asked for, and received, Israel's "rules of engagement" from the Sharon government.”

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