Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Essential law

The US has been negotiating with the “authorities” in Fallujah (who have none) not to resume what this space will henceforth be referring to as the Massacre of Fallujah (and the new ambassador-designate will henceforth be John “Death squads? What death squads?” Negroponte). Jim Lehrer reported that the US was offering an easing of the curfew, and letting food and medicine into the city. Let me repeat that: we are using food and medicine as bargaining chips.

If Bush made a deal with Saudi Arabia about lowering oil prices right before the election, that means he’s keeping them artificially high now. So next time you fill up, just think of everything above $1.50 as your contribution to the Bush campaign. (Later: Atrios points out the same thing. Actually, it’s pretty obvious, but I thought it was worth pointing out since it was beyond the intellects of the NYT, etc etc).

Reuters: “A Florida teen charged with hiring an undercover policeman to shoot and kill his mother instructed the purported hitman not to damage the family television during the attack, police said.”

The Rapture Index for today is 143.

DESTROYING THE VILLAGE IN ORDER TO SAVE IT DEPARTMENT: Bush: "The Patriot Act defends our liberty," Bush said, thumping the podium. "The Patriot Act makes it able for those of us in positions of responsibility to defend the liberty of the American people. It's essential law." Wait, I think I get it: we’ll make it easier to defend our liberty by making it a lot smaller and hence more defensible. Hell, they won’t even be able to see our liberty. Bush: “Congress passed it and said, well, maybe the war on terror won't go on very long, and, therefore, these tools are set to expire.” So if Bush is calling for them to be made permanent, class, by his own logic he’s saying the war on terror will be what, class? That’s right: permanent, endless, eternal, unceasing. Something to look forward to.

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