Friday, April 16, 2004

Keep that acceptability

A short one today. My cable company decided to move 27 channels at random, so I’ve been occupied.

Kerry moves quickly to ensure that his thin patrician lips are planted firmly on the ass-cheek of Ariel Sharon not currently occupied by Bush’s thin patrician lips, endorsing Bush’s endorsement of Sharon’s land-grab. “What's important obviously is the security of the state of Israel”. Obviously.

Story about how the economic and environmental side-effects of GM soya in Argentina.

The next prime minister of Spain, evidently under the impression that he will be prime minister of Sweden, promises to legalize gay marriage and stem-cell research, and his cabinet will have an equal number of female and male members.

WaPo headline: “Kerry Hopes to Cement Image With New Ads.” Jeez, he already looks like he’s made out of concrete. Kerry is quoted: "Their goal is to define me and make me unacceptable. . . . Our goal has to be to keep that acceptability." Can’t wait for the bumper sticker.

Oo, a bumper sticker: “W starts with ‘duh’”

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