Friday, April 02, 2004

Email from an aeolist

The Grandiloquent Dictionary. You can download the whole thing as a pdf, and I’d suggest you do so, because you may see an increase in these emails of my lexiphanicism as a result of finding this thing.

In 2000 Bush said Clinton should “get on the phone” and demand that OPEC not cut oil production. OPEC just decided to cut oil production and Bush is...?

A quote I somehow missed: Health & Human Services Sec Tommy Thompson went to Iraq, inspected a hospital and said Iraqi hospitals would be ok “if they just washed their hands and cleaned the crap off the walls.”

Good Krugman column on Bush admin lying.

The US military is showing the troops in Iraq “The Passion of Christ.”

A school district in Indiana bans pink clothing because they somehow think pink is a gang color. (Reminds me of a gay comedian saying that he used to get beaten up a lot in school; the other students had all learned how to fight from watching martial arts movies, while he learned how to fight from watching West Side Story).

R’s in the House have quashed subpoenas, and thus any meaningful investigation, into the White House lying to it about the cost of Medicare changes. The White House is concerned with separation of powers, it says, it’s one of those “principles,” it says. R Congresscritters are evidently not similarly concerned with being lied to with impunity, which is also a separation of powers concern, among other things. Bill Thomas refused to subpoena the liars in question “to satisfy someone’s whim or curiosity” about whether they were lied to.

Indonesia’s about to be a problem again. Elections Monday.

A new record, it is believed, in Britain: a 99-year old is charged with murdering his wife, 87, after 68 years of marriage, which to be fair does seem like more than enough. The retired butcher cut her throat.

Governor Ahnuuld is being sued by one of the gropees, a British tv presenter, for suggesting that she was askin’ for it.

The US says that it would prefer Israel not assassinate Arafat, as Sharon threatened to do (did it even make the US newspapers?) a couple of days ago. This is in marked contrast to the veto of a UN resolution against the assassination of the near-blind quadriplegic (which I just spelled correctly on the first try, hurrah for me), which was evidently the reason for the little bbq in Fallujah, which ullamah are condemning as un-Islamic--mutilating the bodies, not the killings. Sharon is also threatening to ethnically cleanse 10s of thousands of Palestinians living “illegally” in Israel once the Wall is complete.

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