Sunday, May 16, 2004


“Camp Redemption”? You have to be fucking kidding me.

Latest congressmorons to defend torture: Zell Miller (natch) and Steve King (R-IA).

And Bush uses the Berg beheading (to the question, what the hell was Berg doing in an orange jumpsuit, I have to add this one: when they found his body, where was the head?) to retroactively justify the war, “proving” the Iraq-Al Qaida connection: “The person responsible for the Berg death, Zarqawi, was in and out of Baghdad prior to our arrival, for example.” You claimed that before. You also said he had one leg amputated in Iraq. Evidently it’s grown back.

And Bush on Iraqis: “They're glad to be rid of Saddam. And they obviously want to run their own country. If I were them I'd want to run my own country, too.” He makes it sound like a model train set. Which to him, it probably is.

Reuters headline: “Bush Vows No More Iraq Abuses, Hits Low in Poll.” One can only hope that’s not cause and effect.

Wondering about the conflicting reports over whether Saddam will be handed over to an Iraqi “government”? It’s a ploy to soften Saddam up, according to the Telegraph. Good cop, puppet bad cop. And after the last two weeks of revelations, you’ll be surprised to hear that we’re the good cop.

Why actors should never be allowed to breed: Gwyneth Paltrow’s new daughter...Apple.

Speaking of badly named, the punishment/torture group at Guantanamo is called the Extreme Reaction Force. Isn’t “extreme” like so two years ago? About the time they opened Extreme Pizza in downtown Berkeley (never eaten there, never will). Anyway, the ERF filmed everything they did....

And see the latest Sy Hersh piece, which makes clearer than ever Rumsfeld’s responsibility for little torture centers being franchised all over the world like Taco Bells.

Israel has bulldozed over 100 homes in Gaza, 1) just because they can, 2) because they are looking for the remains of 5 dead Israeli soldiers. Israel gets very strange about the bits of dead soldiers.

The pundits keep saying that this year’s election will be decided in Ohio. I don’t think I want this country’s future decided by people who didn’t know enough to leave Ohio.

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