Sunday, May 09, 2004

Isolated pockets of international hyperventilation

Cheney: “Don Rumsfeld is the best secretary of defence the United States has ever had. People ought to get off his case and let him do his job.” As for the 1st sentence, there have been 20 and it certainly isn’t the most savory group of characters ever.

For the second, have you ever heard such disdain for the notion of accountability, such contempt for Congressional oversight?

Karl Rove was the commencement speaker for the lucky graduating class of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Rove, the “boy genius” who never graduated from any of the 3 colleges he went to, received an honorary doctorate in the humanities. Rove has a true outsider’s perspective on the humanities. His advice to the...holy shit, 2,041 graduates, is when you go on job interviews, "don't act like you're smarter than the person you're interviewing with. Even if you are." No comment.

Sy Hersh has another piece on Abu Ghraib, with another photo. Drip drip drip. Can’t wait to see what the inappropriate thing was that someone did with or to a dead Iraqi. Hersh has a quote from Rummy from early 2002, describing complaints about US treatment of prisoners as “isolated pockets of international hyperventilation.” I’m sorry to say I missed it in ‘02.

A bomb snaps the puppet strings of the Chechen “president.”

Kamen at the Post has an amusing story about a DOD memo telling staffers that the prison abuse report is still considered classified, so they shouldn’t download it from the internet. It’s unclear when the Pentagon plans to declassify it.

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