Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Iraq is proving uncooperative

Son of a bitch C-SPAN. The week they decide not to carry Prime Minister’s Questions live is the week someone throws purple-powder-filled condoms at Tony Blair. And hits him! The not-quite-terrorist group turns out to be Fathers-4-Justice (boys will be boys), who want equal access to their children.

Remember yesterday how the US occupiers didn’t even know how toilets work in Iraq? Well, today a helicopter opened fire at a wedding, YET AGAIN!, presumably after they fired into the air in celebration. Supposedly 40+ dead.

Quote of the Day, from unnamed US official in WaPo: “There's overwhelming pressure with the Coalition Provisional Authority and the White House to deliver a successful Iraq transition, and Iraq is proving uncooperative.”

From the British government: “An exciting new arts project was announced today by Arts Minister Estelle Morris. It will give people with mental health issues a chance to express their responses to the Arts and give an insight to all of us about a variety of mental states. The Minister was announcing the latest Culture Online project, MadforArts, which will provide a forum for thousands of people with experience of mental health issues to give their views on a piece of art, architecture or music.” MadforArts? Mad, mad I tell you!! What I like is the contrast between the totally PC “experience of mental health issues” and “mad.”

We now know that the Red Cross reported on conditions in Abu Ghraib & elsewhere months before Rumsfeld testified, under oath, that he first learned of it. Now can we fire his ass?

Israel fired a missile, 4 tank shells, and machine guns at unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza. Evidently the crowd didn’t respond to a...wait for it...“warning missile.” Bush says he will withhold judgment until Israel tells him that they needed to do it. “I'll continue to speak out about the need for all parties to respect innocent life in the Middle East.” Yeah, but will you speak for it or against it? More on Bush’s faith-based Middle East policy.

NYT on Bush taking credit for programs after trying to get them cut or eliminated. Molly Ivins will tell you he did the same in Texas.

The Security Council condemned the massacre of civilians in Rafah refugee camp by Israel. I suppose it’s a step forward that the US didn’t veto it, but abstaining is still pretty wimpy.

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