Saturday, May 29, 2004

An outrageous abuse of power

Bush, on his talk with the Danish prime minister: “I told the Prime Minister that our government and our coalition will transfer full sovereignty, complete and full sovereignty to an Iraqi government that will be picked by Mr. Brahimi of the United Nations. He said, do you mean full sovereignty? I said, I mean full sovereignty.”

Vaudeville without the laughs. Does anyone really believe the conversation took place in the Abbott & Costello way Bush describes it?

Bush prefaced this with his Mr. Rogers imitation: “It's always good to be with a friend. Friends are candid with each other, friends are open, and friends are constructive -- and that's the kind of conversation we've just and we'll continue to have.”

The NYT (but not the Post) had a story about Richard Perle, James Woolsey and others storming into Condi Rice’s office to demand that the CIA stop telling the truth about Chalabi. Richard Perle, Richard Fucking Perle mind you, called it “an outrageous abuse of power.” As opposed to invading a country in order to install Chalabi in power. God, wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on that wall.

I assume that means Perle et al will start leaking heavily against “Kapowie” Allawi.

So the military knew last November that most of the Abu Ghraib prisoners had done nothing wrong. The very next day, they got the Red Cross report about torture and sexual humiliation at Abu Ghraib.

I’m sorry, John Kerry started a...cookie company? Why didn’t I know this?

The BBC said it, the Indy says it: Wowie Kazowie Allawi has started to form his government. Again, wasn’t that supposed to be Lakhdar Brahimi’s job? I’m telling you, the CIA has naked pictures of him. In a three-way with a goat and a chicken.

No, honestly, I still can’t tell what happened. CIA coup? IGC coup? Allawi coup? Bremer coup? I just know that what was supposed to be the process has been short-circuited. And in more ways than one. It isn’t just that the UN (or its representative, the Algerian with the Italian name) got cut out of the process, but that although this is supposed to be an interim government only, Allawi is clearly going for the whole ball of wax.

I was right about Allawi spying on Iraqi students, according to The New Republic.

Israel is furious at the BBC for having successfully interviewed Mordechai Vanunu. Israel accused the BBC of using “tricks” to do the interview and then sneak the tapes out of the country one step ahead of Shin Bet. Would that be “tricks” like the ones your female whore/agent turned in the honey trap that lured Vanunu to where he could be kidnapped?

At the World War II memorial, Bush talked about how freedom had prevailed. The ceremonies had heavy security and SWAT teams prepared to blow away any terrorists.

WaPo: “SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Springfield will no longer offer health benefits to the unmarried domestic partners of city employees now that same-sex couples are legally allowed to marry in Massachusetts. Mayor Charles Ryan said couples have 90 days to marry and retain insurance coverage.” Shotgun gay marriages, just like the Christian Right always predicted!

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