Monday, May 17, 2004

Oh just cut and run already

Gay marriage began today, officially, in Mass., so I’m not sure why I’m even writing this, because the world must surely have come to an end. I’m assuming the only reason I seem to be alive still has something to do with the time difference. Either that or I am dead, and in Suburbs Hell, which is probably better than Fire Hell or Upside Down Hell.

Abdel-Zahraa Othman Mohammed, we hardly knew ye.

Really, who the hell were you? Actually, according to the Guardian obit, he was part of an Iran-backed Islamic group. Which in Iraqi terms makes him a moderate, evidently.

Sarin AND the assassination of the nominal head of the puppet government, oh yeah this is going so well (assuming the sarin thing isn’t yet another false alarm, of course). Blair says there will be “no cutting and running” three times in the same speech. Do you think he knows the provenance of that term? The assassination was a triple fuck you, in that not only did they kill him, but they did it at coalition hq just to show they could, and they killed a member of a body that won’t even exist in 7 weeks.

Slate on the obnoxiousness of a favorite Bush phrase.

I know you all want to see what John Kerry’s daughter’s breasts look like (her face is startlingly like her father’s), so thank god for the British tabs.

You never hear the name Fallujah anymore, and why is that? Does the phrase “cut and run” mean anything to you?

Berlusconi wants to build a bridge between Sicily and the mainland. Actually, Berlusconi already provides in his own person a bridge between the Mafia and government. Key sentence, several years from now: “Nice bridge you got here. Hate for anything to happen to it....”

YOU HAVE TO BREAK A FEW...OH FORGET IT: Le Parker Meridien hotel in New York, evidently even more pretentious than the “Le” implies, now offers a $1,000 omelette, with lobster (a whole lobster) and caviar. No one’s ordered it yet.

As they release some of the Ab Ghraib prisoners, US soldiers hand them some cash and a note that says “You have not been mistreated.”

Zell Miller agrees, saying “No one ever died from humiliation” and comparing it to the first time he had to take a shower in gym class, and everybody laughed at his tiny, tiny penis. (I’m inferring the last part, but feel free to pass it along to everyone you know).

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