Monday, May 03, 2004

You can just see the body language between them

Ah, Germany, Germany: “German plans to fine firms that fail to hire apprentices will also apply to legalised brothels. The legislation drafted by the Social Democrats and their coalition partners, the Greens, will fine companies that do not have one apprentice for every 15 workers.”

According to the WaPo, the secret of eternal life has been discovered. Either that, or their headline writer is an idiot. “Breastfed Babies Less Likely to Die, Study Finds.”

Ok, this is hilarious, now the Pentagon is actually denying that it pulled the Marines out of Fallujah, something every reporter could see happening, and handed it over to Gen. Saleh. Saleh has now been replaced with another of Saddam’s generals, who they think was exiled by Saddam, but again, they’re not entirely sure. But that’s ok, because the Marine commander says, “He is very well thought of, very well respected by the Iraqi general officers. You can just see the body language between them. And if I had to guess at this point, when we have this brigade fully formed, he demonstrates a level of leadership that tells me that he could become that brigade commander.” Body language. Good enough for me.

I’m curious: when Bush gave Sharon’s little plan his 100% approval, did he realize that Sharon intended to put it to a vote of Likud party members? Because a) leaving the fate of Palestinians up to a vote of right-wing Jews would have looked bad no matter how the vote went, b) such a vote was obviously always intended to fail, meaning that Bush got out-smarted yet again. The alternative is that Sharon didn’t tell him, and was allowed to get away with it, which is almost worse.

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