Thursday, August 10, 2006


As expected, the number one Republican talking point the day after the CT primary is that it just shows that the D’s are soft on terror. My cat received an email from Ken Mehlman with the charming and so very clever subject line “Weak and Wrong: Today’s Defeat-ocrats.” Do you suppose they focus-grouped “Defeat-ocrats”? I wonder what the runners-up were like. And Cheney was wheeled out to speak about the sad decline of the D’s from their glory days when Lieberman was their choice (as opposed to Al Gore’s) for veep, and how this just made America look weak in the eyes of “Al Qaida types.” Mehlman and Cheney both say that Holy Joe was “purged” from the party, as if by a politburo. However, Holy Joe was not purged by a politburo but by CT’s registered Democrats at the ballot box, which is how such things are done in a democracy. R’s pushing this line should be asked just who it is they are accusing of softness and “pre-9/11 thinking,” Ned Lamont, or the citizens of Connecticut.

Cheney, by the way, accused D’s of wanting to “retreat behind our oceans”. Behind? Of course with the Cheney energy policy, global warming may well mean that those of us on the coasts will be not so much behind but under our oceans.

Speaking of lack of respect for the voters, the opposition in Venezuela decided to call off its presidential primary, 7 candidates agreeing to step down in favor of Manuel Rosales, a state governor. Can’t say I know anything about him yet.

What I like about YouTube: within a minute after seeing a character in a series on BBC America mentioning “Laurel and Hardy dancing in front of the saloon,” an old favorite scene of mine, I was watching it on my computer. And now you can too.

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