Monday, August 14, 2006

The funnies

After the Danish cartoon crisis, Iran threatened to have a competition for cartoons about the Holocaust.

Pardon me, about the Holocust. I’ve noted before that the language of choice for Iranian anti-Semitism is English.

And now they have held the competition, staged by the Iran Cartoon Association, which is a hell of a concept in and of itself (update: it has a website. It doesn’t seem to have the cartoons, though there is a better image of the poster.) Most of the pictures I’ve seen are too small to make out, although I saw Hitler dressed as Uncle Sam (or I suppose arguably, the other way around),

and the Statue of Liberty with a book on the Holocaust, giving a Nazi salute (sort of a mixed message, really). Said one 23-year old attendee, “I came to learn more about the roots of the Holocaust and the basis of Israel’s emergence.” Doesn’t this tell you everything you need to know?

Sort of a Monty Python influence, no? No.

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