Saturday, August 19, 2006

Strip poker, running backwards, and the Middle East situation – but I repeat myself

The Israeli commandos driven back from Lebanon today, who Israel claims were trying to interdict arms shipments from Syria and/or Iran, but who Lebanon more plausibly asserts were trying to seize or kill a Hezbollah leader, were reportedly disguised in Lebanese army uniforms. Aren’t there rules against that sort of thing? Certainly, Israel has forfeited its right to demand that the Lebanese army take any action to disarm Hezbollah, since they have put Lebanese soldiers at risk of being attacked as possible Israeli infiltrators.

And now the sports news:

Switzerland is hosting the retro-running championships, in which contestants run backwards 11 kilometers up a mountain.

That’s very picturesque, no doubt, but not as picturesque as the World Strip Poker Championship in London. Brings new meaning to the phrase Texas Hold ‘Em. You can look for the pictures yourself: I’ve already been quite sufficiently traumatized by the sight of the guy with the huge Arsenal tattoo and the unfortunate case of acne on his back, thank you very much.

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