Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I understand that there’s a War on Terror, but I’m still willing to take risk

Bush talked to Fox’s Neil Cavuto Monday about a ceasefire in Lebanon: “Stopping for the sake of stopping is — is — is — can be OK, except it won’t address the root cause of the problem.” Which, as we all know, is terrorists. Nothing but terrorists. No one else in the Middle East ever does anything bad.

Cavuto brought up Israel’s breaking of its 48-hour bombing pause. Asked a similar question, Condi said, “the Israelis tell us that it’s close air support for their forces that were being engaged.” So that’s okay then. Bush attempted the “Look! Over there! Something shiny!” maneuver Cheney so often and so successfully uses on him:
CAVUTO: Reaction to the Middle East — we had a temporary suspension of hostilities. They were renewed this morning. What do you think?

BUSH: I think — first of all, I — I think your viewers ought to focus on the fact that the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution about Iran. And the world is coming together and making it clear that — to the Iranians, that their ambitions — their nuclear weapons ambitions — are just not acceptable.
He went on to say this about Iran: “I think that they — you know, I think that they sponsor Hezbollah. And, therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re very much involved in the activities of Hezbollah.” Wow, he “wouldn’t be surprised.” Of course we’ve invaded entire countries on the basis of intel no more solid than that, so Iran should be worried.

On Venezuela purchasing weapons: “But, you know, the biggest threat he faces is under - the biggest face we threat - the biggest threat we face in the neighborhood is undermining democratic values and institutions. And it’s just - we will continue to speak out on behalf of - of democracy.” Speaking out, as only Bush can.

Says he wishes Chavez “would invest his petrodollars with the people of Venezuela, and give them a chance to, you know, get out of poverty, and give them a chance to realize hopes and dreams.” As opposed to the massive record profits just announced by Exxon, Chevron et al? (By the way, put aside some time for the Chicago Tribune series “A Tank of Gas, a World of Trouble.”)

On immigration: “But, you know, the words ‘amnesty’ are loaded words.” Yes they is. In the same response he said that illegal immigrants should learn English before applying for citizenship. Also, they should prove they “have been a good citizen.” Presumably he means a good non-citizen.

Asked if Americans are forgetting about the threat of terrorism: “My job is to do - is to do two things, one, remind people about the war on terror, and remind them that we’re doing everything we can to protect them, so that they’re able to go about their lives. ... It’s a - you know, it’s - you want the environment for - for people taking risks to be such that people say, ‘I understand that there’s a War on Terror, but I’m still willing to take risk.’” Well, to quote Lt. Frank Drebin, you take a risk when you get up in the morning, cross the street, or stick your face in a fan. “And [I’m quoting Bush now, not Drebin] I want the American people to know that, even if they don’t think that we’re still at war, I do”.

Summing up, Neil Cavuto got to the philosophical nub of the interview: “It was about 100 degrees, 100 percent humidity. He didn’t sweat. I did. And the guy is a lot older than I am. Go figure.”

Indeed today Bush had his annual physical (is that how you dress when you go to the doctor?) and was pronounced fit for duty, which is a case of medical malpractice if I ever heard of one.

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