Sunday, August 20, 2006

Duck herders?

The LAT reports that while the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division knew that members of the 173rd Airborne tortured detainees in Vietnam (some of them to death, and some using a form of waterboarding), information they kept to themselves, although 3 low-ranking soldiers were fined or reduced in rank, their real concern was digging up dirt to smear the people who said there was torture. The people in the military, obviously, the Vietnamese didn’t count. No one noticed when all these files were declassified in 1994. When the LAT started investigating, they were re-classified (but not before the LAT read most of them).

A second story tells of a sergeant convicted of murdering three Vietnamese farm workers (an irrigation worker and 2 teenage duck-herders) who not only served no prison time but was allowed to stay in the army another 12 years, not even transferred out of Vietnam.

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