Friday, July 13, 2007

$25 million? I don’t get out of bed for less than $40 million.

South Dakota resumes executions after 60 years.

Headline of the day, from the BBC: “Czech Castration Raises Worries.”

(Later): spoke too soon. Also from the BBC: “Pygmies Housed in Congo Zoo.”

The Senate voted to double the reward for the capture, dead or really, really dead, of Osama bin Laden, in case there was someone capable of doing that, but for whom $25 million was chump change.

Another New York Magazine competition. I only have three more. Does anyone have some old clippings (or a large stack of pre-2000 back issues in a closet somewhere) they’d like to share with the class?

11/1/99, new magazines.
Drunk Car & Driver.

Roughage Digest.

Big Fat Bride.

Today’s Governess.

Rod Stewart Living.

Popular Creation Science.

Nouveau Riche.

Power Luncher.


Online Boyfriend.

Too Much Money.

Trophy Wife.

Alternative Lifestyles Bi-Monthly.

Loo Magazine.

Ennui Enthusiast.

Hats and Cattle.

Osama Bounty Hunter Monthly.
The last one is my addition, although if it had existed when the comp ran in 1999...

The complete collection of New York comps here.

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