Saturday, July 07, 2007

This moment is a test

In his weekly radio address, Bush took the Congressional Democrats to task for ignoring his budget requests (just as when Republicans controlled Congress, he acted as if Democratic congresscritters were irrelevant, he now does the same for Republicans, saying, for example, “I urge Democrats in Congress to step forward now and pass these bills...”).

“This moment is a test,” he says. And if there’s one thing George Bush enjoys, it’s, um, a test. And he doesn’t think the Dems are going to pass, accusing them of “working to bring back the failed tax-and-spend policies of the past” and saying that “By failing to do the work necessary to pass these important bills by the end of the fiscal year, Democrats are failing in their responsibility to make tough decisions and spend the people’s money wisely.” The D’s failed twice in that sentence! What incredible failures they are!

But he generously offered extra credit: “Democrats have a chance to prove they are for open and transparent government by working to complete each spending bill independently and on time.” How does “open and transparent government” enter into this? Also, why is he insisting that each appropriations bill be passed “independently” and “one at a time”?

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