Monday, July 30, 2007

We must reflect on our shortcomings

I can’t believe there isn’t a “Compassionate Misanthropes for Hillary” website yet. Someone get on that.

Another must-read: the LAT on the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announces that he won’t be stepping down just because his party was rather badly defeated in the upper house elections. As it happens, all those people who voted for other parties didn’t really want those other parties to take power. Rather, “Voters said we must reflect on our shortcomings and refresh the line-up.” He figures a reshuffle should do it. One is reminded of the lessons Bush drew from the 2006 elections, that the voters wanted him to implement the exact same policies, but better. (Update: register their displeasure with the lack of progress, was what he said the voters had done.)

A true compassionate misanthrope, Ingmar Bergman, has died. 89 miserable years. I blame him for Woody Allen not being funny anymore.

What do you mean, “Yahtzee”?

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