Sunday, July 01, 2007

Burning bright

Guess what George Bush did today? More fishing, with Pop-Pop and Not-Jenna. And in what was in no way a metaphor, their boat’s anchor got stuck. I am absolutely not posting pictures of Chimpy fishing for a third day in a row. Na gunna dew it.

Holy Joe Lieberman, on ABC’s This Week, called for politicians to stop the “petty partisan fighting” and support warrantless wiretaps. He said the need for this was proved by the attempted bombings in Britain, which he seems to think were thwarted by electronic surveillance and all those security cameras they have in London now. Which they weren’t. (By the way, after first hearing on the tv about the attempt to blow up the London night club on tv, I was disappointed when I saw later in the newspapers that it’s named “Tiger Tiger” and not “Tyger Tyger.” Just me?)

He also said that the surge is working and the enemy is on the run. Or possibly the enemy is working and the surge is on the run.

Japanese Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma said yesterday that the US had good reasons to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki (he represents the latter in parliament), that it was “something that couldn’t be helped.” He said that he doesn’t hold a grudge against the US because of it. Jolly decent of him.

Today, Kyuma was forced to apologize, saying, “I am sorry that my remarks gave an impression that A-bomb victims were made light of.” Well they were turned into something, but I don’t think it was light.

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