Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teach a moron to fish...

The Polish Ministry of Health has established a committee to “cure” homosexuals.

Civilians killed by the US in Afghanistan, civilians killed by the US in Iraq, and a series of failed terrorist attacks in Britain. So many things that I don’t feel like writing about. So let’s have some more pictures of The Bushes Go Fishing, Day 2, and then another old New York Magazine competition.

Today, Not-Jenna went along, wearing her fishing/cocktail dress. Shrub wore a jacket with the number 43 and a cap with a picture of his dog. Bush the Elder wore salmon-colored pants about which the less said the better. Not-Jenna caught one fish, George caught one fish and, in preparation for Putin’s arrival tomorrow, looked into its eyes and read its soul.

New York comp, 8/17/92, Famous First Words.

“Le Tot C’est Moi” – Louis XIV

“Dada” – Marcel Duchamp

“Birth, nascency, nativity...” Peter Mark Roget

“Is that a stethoscope in your pocket?” – Mae West

“The placenta is coming!
The placenta is coming!” – Paul Revere

“Booo!” – Stephen King

“Sum, ergo, cogito” - René Descartes

“Is this a rattle I see before me?” – Macbeth

“Mommy, I presume” – Henry Stanley

“I swam in water and it was warm and good” – Hemingway

The complete collection of NY comps here.

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