Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where we know what to do...

Bush today received the report he commissioned after the Virginia Tech shootings. The key to preventing another such event seems to be “information sharing,” a phrase Bush repeated three times in a single sentence.

From the grins on these clowns’ faces – Jeebus, just look at Gonzales, he looks like a 5-year old just told he’s getting ice cream and pony rides – I can only assume that the information that 32 people were slaughtered at Virginia Tech less than two months ago was not shared.

This picture from the White House website shows how serious Bush is about the report. He has his special readin’ glasses on and everything.

My favorite recommendation in the report: “Where We Know What to Do, We Have to be Better at Doing It.”

Meanwhile, the House passed a bill that would require states report to the federal government people who aren’t supposed to buy guns because of mental problems. Veterans receiving disability benefits because of mental-health problems, however, will have their gun-purchasing rights restored automatically. Oh good.

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