Monday, June 04, 2007


We’re back. Evidently this isn’t a spam blog after all. Who knew?

Karzai says that in Afghanistan, “the war has been won. It is the finishing touch that we are getting at now.” And Afghan institutions will be “standing on their own feet in a few years.” Maybe you’d get to that finishing touch faster if you weren’t sitting down.

At the Wyoming Boys State Conference, a group dedicated to the eradication of the apostrophe, Dick Cheney, who attended the conference as a lad, answers a question: “How is my relationship with Harry Reid? Well, it’s better than my relationship with Pat Leahy.”

He also said that what we need in Iraq is “gumption.” “[W]e’ve got to have the gumption to stay in the fight and to get the job done.”

Can’t have too much gumption.

If you’re playing a Little League game in 1926 in the field behind Old Man Potter’s place.

There was a little dust-up at the OAS General Assembly today, with Condi Rice attacking Hugo Chavez for shutting down RCTV. And just because she more or less agrees with me on this one doesn’t mean she shouldn’t shut the fuck up. Venezuela responded by mentioning the border fence and Guantanamo. She said those issues are fully discussed on American tv, adding, “That is the point of press freedom, that in a democracy, the citizens of a country should have the assurance that the policies of their government will be held up for criticism by a free and independent press, and then we’ll just fucking ignore them, because who gives a shit what a bunch of pansy journalists think, George is the Decider, the Decider I tell you!” I may have made up that last part. Then again, I may not have.

This is the picture the NYT is using for a story about Romney’s business career:

Separated at birth?

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