Monday, June 25, 2007

Enveloped into a kill sack

Military jargon of the day: evidently, “Al Qaida” fighters in Iraq are being “enveloped into a kill sack.” Charming.

Another New York magazine competition, from 11/23/92: greeting cards.
So you drew a suspended sentence!

Sorry you’re having a bad hair day.

So you’re a lame-duck president!

Have a happy Yom Kippur.

Yo, condolences!

A special wish for you on your deathbed.

Sorry you’ve lost the ability to accessorize.

Condolences on the breakup of Communism.

You missed my birthday. Burn in hell.

Sorry I missed your beatification.

You put the lite in elite!

Thanks for not confusing really great sex with love.

Happy birthday to your inner child.

Congratulations on being out of the loop.

So you’ve been enveloped into a kill sack.
That last one’s mine, obviously.

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