Sunday, June 10, 2007

We cannot let them get away with it

An Orthodox rabbinical court has placed a curse on anyone who participates in a gay pride parade in Jerusalem. And the cops guarding the parade. “[T]hey will feel in their souls a curse, a bad spirit will come over them and haunt them, they will never be cleansed of their sins, from the judgment of God, in their bodies, their souls and their finances.”

Ousmane Sembene, Senegal’s most famous novelist (God’s Bits of Wood) and film director (I especially like “Ceddo” and “The Camp at Thiaroye”) has died. Yes, it’s a small country to be the most famous novelist and director from, but he was still pretty good.

Holy Joe Lieberman went on Face the Nation (pdf) (or video if you can bear it) and called for bombing Iran, because if we bomb Iran, everything will be fine in Iraq. In a five-minute interview he said that Iranians and/or people trained in Iran are: “killing American soldiers and Iraqis,” “killing Americans,” “killing Americans in Iraq”, “coming back into Iraq to kill our soldiers”, “coming in and killing Americans”, “have killed as many as 200 American soldiers”, and “come in and kill Americans”.

“It’s just--we cannot let them get away with it.”

I’d say something sarcastic, but it’s time for The Sopranos.

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