Monday, June 18, 2007

Nefarious activity was occurring at the site

US bombed a “compound” in Paktika province, Afghanistan, in which, they say, “nefarious activity” was occurring. The bombs killed 7 or more children, so if there wasn’t nefarious activity occurring before, that pretty much counts. The Independent comments, “The statement gave no indication what such nefarious activity might be”. One might add an additional note of skepticism about intel that is evidently capable of detecting nefarious activity but not children.

The children were killed in a school. The US military says it didn’t expect there to be any children in a school (they used the word madrassa). C’mon, they said, it was Sunday, shouldn’t those kids have been in church?

Military spokesmodel Major Chris Belcher belched spoke: “This is another example of Al Qaida using the protective status of a mosque, as well as innocent civilians, to shield themselves.” Protective status? Shield themselves? Fat chance of that working. Burping Boy continued: “We are saddened by the innocent lives that were lost as a result of militants’ cowardice.” Nefarious cowardice. Or possibly cowardly nefariousness. Al Qaida fighters probably aren’t taking any advice about bravery from a man with a funny name whose job is to talk to reporters. Or from people who drop bombs on schools from airplanes high in the air.

The story the US is putting out is that the fighters kept the children with them by force. If true, then they’re shits too. Although, as Eli at Left I on the News asks, “wouldn’t that only work if the shields were, you know, visible?”

The War Against Nefariousness (TWAN) continues.

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