Friday, June 22, 2007

A symbol of our resolve

Military code name of the day: Operation Phantom Thunder. One of the elements of Operation Phantom Thunder: “aggressive shaping operations.”

Name of the day: a 16-year old in England suing her school for banning her wearing a “purity” ring is called Lydia Playfoot.

Mitt Romney vows that if elected he will make some totally meaningless changes in the structure of the military for the sake of looking like he’s doing something different. It’s called leadership, people. Specifically, he will establish a Special Partnership Force to fight... oh, who cares what it would do, it’s the acronym I like.

There’s even a PowerPoint presentation, including this delightfully Magrittean slide:

He also said that “Guantanamo is a symbol of our resolve.” So Gitmo is a bumper sticker?

To celebrate Black Music Month, George Bush, who is all about the black music, forced some African-American violinist to kneel before him.

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