Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Republican debate: Press 1 for English, my friends

I was multi-tasking during the debate, so this is somewhat sketchy. The pictures in this post illustrate the many hand gestures of the Republican Party.


McCain, who kept calling everyone “My friends” (9 times), because he’s very very lonely, castigated Hillary for calling Iraq George Bush’s war, says that he never called Bosnia and Kosovo Bill Clinton’s wars. Says presidents don’t lose wars, nations lose wars. By electing idiot presidents, presumably.

Giuliani says it’s not a bumper sticker, it’s a real war. Of course if the bumper sticker said “Giuliani in 2008,” it would be both. He seems to be the biggest advocate of going to war against Iran now, and twice said that there was a danger of Iran giving nukes to terrorists. But pretty much everyone would use our nukes to prevent Iran having nukes.

About The War Against Terror (TWAT), Huckabee says about the terrorists it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. He’s from Arkansas, you know.

No one is in favor of allowing gays in the military.

Tancredo would ban all new immigration until we no longer have to press 1 for English.

When pre-screened audience members asked questions, one woman talked about her brother who died in Iraq. Brownback called his corpse an “incredible gift.”

Huckabee said pro-life philosophy shouldn’t just be about abortion but include concern for people after they leave.. and here you could see panic on his face as he realized where he had led himself, and he actually gulped... the womb.

They’re asked what job they would give George Bush. Tommy “Thomas” Thompson says he certainly wouldn’t send him to the United Nations, ha ha, but would send him on a lecture circuit talking “to the youth of America about honesty, integrity, perseverance, passion and serving the public.” Sort of like community service, like Robert Downey Jr. having to give talks about why drugs are bad, that kind of thing. Brownback wouldn’t use Bush, but might send him if there were tragedies overseas. Bush knows a lot about tragedies overseas, having caused so many. Tancredo would tell Bush to fuck off because that’s what Rove told him to do.

Unfortunately, the other candidates weren’t asked that question. In comments, what job do you think McCain would give Chimpy?

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