Friday, July 27, 2007

I’m going to play like I understand what all that means

Because the Dalai Lama has pronounced against the wearing of fur, the Chinese government has ordered that anyone attending a horse-racing festival in Tibet is required to wear fur.

Today Bush presented National Medal of Science and Technology awards, in the greatest collection of geeks and nerds in the White House since Jimmy Carter dined alone. They all had to bow their heads before their Chimpish Overlord.

Said Bush, “In a single room, we have thinkers who helped formulate and refine the Big Bang theory of the universe, the bootstrap re-sampling technique of statistics, the algebraic K-theory of mathematics. I’m going to play like I understand what all that means.” Dude, that’s taken as read for every single sentence you say, including “Mommy, I went poop now” this morning.

He called for “creat[ing] an ‘adjunct teachers corps’ of math and science professionals all aiming to bring their expertise into American classrooms. It’s not really what the aim is -- the aim is to make it clear to young Americans that being in science and engineering is okay; it’s cool; it’s a smart thing to do.” Why, someday you might get to stand next to a president of the United States with an IQ more than 100 points lower than yours. Isn’t that cool?

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