Monday, May 12, 2008

And all of a sudden people now see the truth

Bush was also interviewed today by Israeli journalists.

He began by talking about Jenna’s wedding: “But it was -- she looked beautiful and stunning, the ranch looked great, the sun set just at the right time.” At sundown, right?

WHAT SOON-TO-BE-INDICTED PRIME MINISTER OLMERT IS: “I found him to be an honest guy. He loves his family, he’s easy to talk to, he’s a strategic thinker.”

WHAT’S LIKE OUR TOP PRIORITY: “And an effective Bush foreign policy is to put the focus of the United States squarely in the middle of the Middle East. That’s like our top priority.”

WHAT’S MAYBE LIKE THE WORD OF THE DAY: “You know, on all these issues, just so you know, there needs -- I’m going to say the word several times -- maybe this is like the word of the day -- clarity.”

WHAT THE WHAT?: “In my time as President, it’s easy to excuse people until there’s just kind of moments where it’s so obvious that the skeptics can’t see reality.”

WHAT PEOPLE ALL OF A SUDDEN NOW SEE: “It’s one of the reasons I supported the elections in Gaza, because there had to be a moment for everybody to be able to express themselves, and the expression, by the way, was we’re sick and tired of corrupt government. ... But instead, what they got was a government of war. It’s not what they campaigned on, but that’s what they got. And all of a sudden people now see the truth.”

WHAT THE TRUTH IS: “And the truth is Hamas is not a passive, political party trying to embetter people’s lives; they are trying to destroy Israel. That’s the truth.”

WHAT THE OTHER TRUTH IS: “Well, the other truth is, is that Iran is involved in funding Hamas and Hezbollah”.

WHAT IT’S ALL OF A SUDDEN: “All of a sudden it’s a shift of strategic thought because of the Iranian influence, so it’s a positive development.”

WHAT HE WILL NOT COME AS: “I will come not as somebody who demands, but somebody who encourages.”

WHAT THE IMAGINARY VOICES ARE SAYING NOW: “People say to me, aren’t you a little slow on the draw? Where have you been, man? Well, they just forget that when I showed up there was an intifada, and there was an Iraq -- then I made the decision on Iraq. We had an event like Lebanon.”

WHAT PALESTINIANS – SOME PALESTINIANS – ARE BEGINNING TO GET A SENSE FOR THERE IS: “I think one of the very hopeful things that’s happened on this issue is that Palestinians -- some Palestinians -- are beginning to get a sense for there is a better future.”

WHAT HE HAS NEVER TOLD OLMERT: “And I have never told Olmert one thing or another about what to do with his security. That’s not what friends do.”

WTF?: “I expect an explanation, but I’m -- he made a decision that he made -- or no decisions have been made except the idea of trying to get some dialogue moving, which is -- and I know him well, and know that he is as concerned about Israeli security as any other person that’s ever been the Prime Minister of Israel. And so I presume the decision is made.”

WHAT HE TRIES: “one of the things I try to do is think strategically”.

WHAT HE’LL BE: “I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office. But one of them has got to be, he clearly saw the threat and he did something about it.”

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