Thursday, May 01, 2008

“Cocky” to his friends

Name of the day, from the stories about that polygamist cult: Texas Dept of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Carey Cockerell.

Speaking of cockerels, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Hillary on Fox yesterday (I didn’t stick around for the no doubt scintillating analysis of the interview by Dennis Miller) and today. Nothing much to report, although I’m curious: O’Reilly speaks for more of the broadcast portion of the interview than Hillary does. Is that how it happened, or did egoist O’Reilly edit her down before putting the tape on the air? Hillary allowed him to say, without any challenge, that her health plan would bankrupt America because, now, 10 to 20% of Medicare and Medicaid payments are fraudulent.

Responding to news that China has sentenced 30 Tibetans to long prison terms, White House spokesblonde Dana Peroxide said, “We don’t think that anyone should break the law, but we also believe in freedom of expression and assembly.” Well that’s just a tad contradictory, Dana, and not very helpful as a piece of advice. Are you saying Tibetans should passively acquiesce to laws that violate their civil rights... or not?

Gail Collins writes in her NYT column:
We’re down to a race between the candidate who claims he will make the political process better but has yet to demonstrate exactly how that works, and the woman who claims she’s the only one who’s powerful enough to take on the Republican forces of darkness. Don Quixote vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both accompanied by their lieutenants — the men who think it’s all about them.
So Rev. Wright is Sancho Panza and Bill Clinton is... Xander?

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