Friday, May 09, 2008

T & A

Silvio Berlusconi has named his cabinet, which is dominated by cronies and hotties and assholes. One of the latter, Roberto Calderoli, who once set off riots by wearing a t-shirt with one of those Danish cartoons of Mohammed, will, naturally, be the Minister of Simplification, which is one of the best job titles ever (he’s supposed to purge the statute books of outdated laws).

After making fun of the alleged ugliness of left-wing women and of the number of women in the Spanish cabinet, Berlusconi has picked four women who are unusually young (average age 34, almost 20 years younger than the average age of male ministers) and attractive, including former topless model slash tv presenter Mara Carfagna, the Equal Opportunities Minster (some opportunities are more equal than others).

We seem to have a theme today. As I was writing that paragraph, an Alert Reader sent in this Headline of the Day, from the BBC:
“Great Tits Cope Well with Warming.” Birds! we’re talking about birds! Er, the kind with feathers. This sort of thing:

Most disturbing sentence in the article: “Great tits have eight or nine babies in a brood, and each of them will eat about 70 caterpillars a day.”

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