Friday, May 02, 2008

We wanted there to be consumption in our society

On the way to the ranch, Bush stopped in at something called World Wide Technology Inc. in Missouri because “it’s very important for the President to recognize success.” One assumes he meant that ironically.

He spoke about the state of the economy. “There’s a lot of data beginning to move.”

Some of that data, presented in IN OTHER WORDS form: “Today there was another report out that showed that we lost 20,000 jobs last month, even though the unemployment rate dropped to 5 percent. In other words, the unemployment rate went down.”

WHAT WE WANTED TO MAKE SURE: On the rebate: “we wanted to make sure that people were encouraged to be consumers. We wanted there to be consumption in our society”.

IN OTHER WORDS: “In other words, there’s a -- you can effect the tax code that provides incentives for the CEOs to say, I think we need -- we ought to buy some equipment.” And why is it important for CEOs to buy some equipment? “it gives the employees a better chance to keep this company on a cutting edge.” Sounds painful.

IN OTHER WORDS: “And the effects of this aspect of the pro-growth plan are beginning to kick in, as well. In other words, it’s just starting.”

PAYING FOR THE PUMP: “I’m fully aware that people are paying dearly at the pump. ... The more that gasoline goes up, the more you’re paying -- the more you’re paying for the pump, the less money you have in your pocket to spend for your family.”

WHAT WILL BE VERY EXCITING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: “As you know, ethanol is beginning to take off, and I’m convinced we’re going to be able to make ethanol out of something other than corn here relatively quickly, like wood chips, or grasses grown in the desert, which will be very exciting for the American people.”

WHAT A LOT OF (UNNAMED) PEOPLE SAY: “I do want to talk about trade. It’s an interesting subject here in America. A lot of people who say, trade is bad for our country.”

SCARY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: “All I want is for America to be treated the way we treat other nations.”

IN OTHER WORDS: (On medical care): “The other thing is, is that one of the real cost-drivers -- or two other cost-drivers I want to discuss -- so in other words, consumerism helps deal with cost.”

The problem with The War Against Terror (TWAT): “so America has got to understand that in order to find them we’ve got to get in their heads. If you’re facing a nation, you can find the nation. If you’re facing people that bury [sic] in failed states you’ve got to understand how to find them.”

DIRTY NUMBER? “The way I put it, just so people can understand in plain English: If al Qaeda is making a phone call into the United States of America, we better know why; if you’re interested in protecting an attack, and there’s a dirty number being called, the government of the United States better understand the intentions and why that phone call is being made.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “so in other words, give our professionals tools. We got a lot of really good people working. We meet all the time; governments meeting constantly, ferreting out any information.”

EUPHEMISM ALERT: “So you say, where do you get numbers? We’re getting them off the computers of the people we’re capturing or bringing to justice.”

WHAT THE 9/11 HIJACKERS ARE: “And they’re sophisticated -- you know, 19 kids on three airplanes -- it’s a sophisticated operation -- four airplanes, excuse me. Sophisticated operation. And they’re good communicators.” I’m curious about the choice of the word “kids” for these, um, good communicators.

WHAT IT’S GOING TO TAKE TO SPREAD: “Someday an American President is going to be saying this is not that big an issue anymore. But it’s going to take an ideology to spread.”

One of the people asking questions began by noting that he was Japanese.
BUSH: And American?

Q: Yes.

BUSH: Well, then you’re American first.
“That’s right. Good point,” the questioner responded, thanking Bush for setting him straight about his own identity.

IN OTHER WORDS: “There turns out to be prosperity in developing world, which is good. It’s going to be good for you because you’ll be selling products into countries -- big countries perhaps -- and it’s hard to sell products into countries that aren’t prosperous. In other words, the more prosperous the world is, the more opportunity there is.”

IT’S HARD WORK: “Interestingly enough, it is a lot harder to have been the son of the president than to be the president.” Paging Dr. Freud.

He ended by telling that damned Romanian rainbow story again (he also did the Koizumi in Graceland story)
Now, the interesting thing from my perspective was that I was here, and there was a balcony lit in the town square, and I was told this was where the tyrant Ceausescu and his wife had made their last public appearance. And the story has it that he -- somebody started chanting, “Liar,” and he realized his power was slipping away, and then he tried to get out of there, and anyway, he was done in by the people. They were tired of him; he was a brutal guy.

And so that was my line of sight. And the President introduced me, and just as I got up to speak, a full rainbow appeared. And it was a startling moment. And I turned back -- Laura was like -- I went, look, baby, look up there. And so when I pointed up, 225,000 heads flipped around to look at the rainbow. I then ad-libbed, “God is smiling on Bucharest.” And the reason I did is because the rainbow ended right behind the balcony where the tyrant had given his last speech. Liberty is transformative, and it will yield the peace we want.

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