Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A cruel joke perpetrated on a long-suffering people

Today, as mentioned in my previous post, is the national Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People. Hurrah!

George Bush celebrated by going on an emotional roller-coaster: “This is a day of pride, as we honor the culture and history of a noble nation. It is a day of sorrow, as we reflect on the continued oppression of the Cuban people. Most of all, this is a day of hope.” So, that’s pride, sorrow and hope (but not necessarily in that order). Collect all three!

Bush will allow Americans to send cell phones to Cuba, because what Cuba really needs is morons wandering around the streets talking loudly into cell phones.

Bush noted that Cubans will now be allowed to buy consumer goods such as DVDs, computers and toasters, but chided, “It is the height of hypocrisy to claim credit for permitting Cubans to own products that virtually none of them can afford.” Whereas in this country, we’re all given free automobiles and big-screen tv’s and health care.

Bush said he doesn’t believe the Cuban government will really implement reforms: “its recent gestures appear to be nothing more than a cruel joke perpetrated on a long-suffering people.” Isn’t that John McCain’s campaign slogan? A Cruel Joke Perpetrated on a Long-Suffering People in ‘08!

He predicted, “The day will come when Cubans freely receive information from many sources.” Like he’d know anything about that.

He further predicted, “The day will come when Cubans can speak their dissent and change their jobs and leave their country and return to it.” But not necessarily in that order.

“And the day will come when they can worship the God Almighty without fear.” Well what’s the fun of that?

And then he attempted the most important freedom of them all: the three-way.

There’s solidarity with the Cuban people, and solidarity with the Cuban people, is all I’m saying.

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