Monday, May 05, 2008

An important border

This morning, George and Laura appeared on Good Morning America, filmed on the White House grounds. George was asked if it “amazes” him. Indeed. George hasn’t quite gotten over the whole concept of seasons: “It does. It’s a beautiful place. In the spring, the flowers are fantastic. In the fall, the -- it’s just such a -- kind of a place that’s so fresh. In the winter, of course, it’s got a lot of snow. (Laughter.) Summer is real hot”. I guess he forgot what fall does.

He also talked about how his “one contribution” to Jenna’s wedding it to build a “giant cross” out of limestone at his ranch.

Today was what Mexicans call “Cinco de Mayo” and Americans call “Monday – hey, is ‘House’ a repeat tonight?’” For George Bush, it’s a day to stand looking nervous about what the Mariachi band might be doing behind his back.

Cinco de Mayo, he said, “commemorates a joyful moment in history of Mexico -- it's when Mexican soldiers defended their independence against what appeared to be an elite and insurmountable army from Europe.” Elite? Insurmountable? Was Mexico invaded by an army of Barack Obamas?

He said that we “share an important border” with Mexico and that “we’re also united by values,” such as “love of family” (only Americans and Mexicans love their families, it’s true, you can look it up).

Meanwhile, Laura hung out with Uno, the beagle who won the Westminster Dog Show. CAPTION CONTEST:

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