Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good to see their president waving that flag

A Scotland Yard sharpshooter who has sharply shot dead an unnamed but large number of people and is nicknamed “Killer,” has been awarded £5,000 in damages for his hurt feelings after a Met commander jokingly told him, “I’ve always wanted to meet the Met’s very own serial killer.” One anonymous copper said that the sharpshooter was, and I quote, “bang out of order.”

Well, I guess it had been a while since we blew up a wedding in Afghanistan and then denied it, claiming to have killed only “militant extremists,” like the bride.

In Tokyo, Bush held a press conference with Prime Minister Fukuda.

SO, GEORGE, HAVE YOU MEMORIZED THOSE LITTLE CATCHPHRASES ABOUT NORTH KOREA WE GAVE YOU? “I view this process as a multi-step process where there will be action for action.”

NOSTRADUMBASS SPEAKS: “I’ve got a pretty good sense about whether or not a G8 is going to be a success or maybe not such a success. This one is going to be a success.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “I appreciate very much your strong belief in the accountability aspect of this meeting. In other words, when people say they’re -- make a pledge to feed the hungry or provide for the ill, that we ought to honor that pledge. And I thank you for understanding that.”

A PROVEN FACT: “And the truth of the matter is, we can give grants, but the best way to help the impoverished around the world is through trade. It’s a proven fact.”

HE’S THE REMINDERER: “And then I’m going to spend some time, of course, sharing my views about the environment and how we can advance our common agenda, and that -- remind people that the United States and Japan really do lead the world in research when it comes to clean technologies.”

UNSPEAK: “We’re -- we passed uninsurance benefits -- unemployment benefits -- excuse me.”

THAT STATEMENT YOU DIDN’T MAKE IS NOT ACCURATE AND YOU SHOULDN’T NOT MAKE IT AGAIN: “Somehow there’s this notion -- inherent in your question is the delisting therefore took away their sanctions. That’s just not an accurate statement on your part -- if you think that -- I’m not assuming you do think that, but -- they’re a highly sanctioned regime.”

WHAT THE OLYMPICS IS: “I view the Olympics as a opportunity for me to cheer on our athletes. It’s an athletic event. i had the honor of dealing with the Chinese -- two Chinese Presidents during my term, and every time I have visited with them I have talked about religious freedom and human rights. And so, therefore, my decision to go was -- I guess I don’t need the Olympics to express my concerns.” Or a basic working knowledge of the English language.

“I happen to believe not going to the opening games would be -- the Opening Ceremony for the Games would be an affront to the Chinese people...” As opposed to the lack of political and religious freedom “...which may make it more difficult to have a -- to be able to speak frankly with the Chinese leadership.” You know who else can’t speak frankly with the Chinese leadership, without being beaten up and/or imprisoned? The Chinese people.

WHY HE’S DOING WHAT HE’S DOING: “That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. And I’m looking forward to cheering the athletes. I think it will be -- I think it would be good for these athletes who have worked hard to see their President waving that flag.” Bill Clinton used to say the same thing, but I think he meant something different by “waving that flag.”

WHAT PEOPLE SHOULDN’T FEAR: “I have been very clear in my view that, for example, a whole society is one that honors religion, and that people shouldn’t fear religious people.”

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