Monday, July 07, 2008

Wherein is revealed what Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice finds really frustrating

Condi’s been very busy this weekend creating peace in the Middle East playing golf. And giving many interviews, all about creating peace in the Middle East playing golf. With CBS Sports (“And I have to say nothing’s captured my imagination like this” “That’s really my summer goal, is to get just a little bit better at chipping so that I can have a little shorter putt.”), with XM Radio (“like a lot of people, suddenly my driver, has gone off on the last couple of weeks the last – the last two times that I’ve played. And it’s really frustrating, you know?”), with the Pentagon Channel (“It’s a nice way to get out.”)and with, naturally, the Golf Channel (“I've been playing and playing a lot.” “I really like the fact that that one little ball, you should be able to hit it the same way every time, and you never can.”).

I’m sure there are no metaphors to be found in any of that.

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