Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Representative Hunter, in more ways than one

Several commentators have said that McCain’s comment, which he repeated three times Tuesday, that Obama “would rather lose a war than lose a campaign” is the most scurrilous thing they’ve ever heard a politician say (I think it was Joe Klein that used the word scurrilous). I’d remind them that in 2002 Bush said that opposition to his plan to remove civil-service protections from government workers transferred into Homeland Security proved that the Democratic-controlled Senate was “not interested in the security of the American people”.

According to the WaPo’s indispensable Al Kamen, former presidential candidate Duncan Hunter wished to live up to his name by going to Chad to dunk hunt some wildebeest. All in a good cause, of course – he planned to donate the meat to refugees from Darfur. The State Dept told him there are no wildebeest in Chad, which bans big-game hunting anyway. The Republican Party must be so upset it didn’t choose this guy.

Rep. Hunter (R-CA)

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