Friday, November 07, 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger hates your dog

Gov. Terminator wants to raise the regressive sales tax in California by 1½¢. He also wants to eliminate dental and vision coverage for MediCal, cut various forms of support to the blind and disabled, and drastically cut spending on education, always his first target. But you know what pisses me off the most, personally? He wants to extend the sales tax to, among other services, veterinary bills. I think you should be able to deduct vet bills from your income taxes, just like the medical bills of any other family member; you sure as motherfucking hell shouldn’t be taxed for taking care of your pet.

Can you tell I had heavy vet bills this year?

The governor also appointed his children’s nanny to a paid position on the board overseeing guide dogs.

The contest in my previous post yesterday asked for sample dialog from Bush’s meeting with Obama next Monday. Athenawise offered “Heckuva job, Bammie,” which suggests the topic of our next contest: Bush does have an obnoxious habit of giving people nicknames, doesn’t he? So what nickname will be bestow on Obama? “Bam Bam?”

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