Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I want to do a shoutout to our president and thank him for that

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is issuing a statement saying that if the Democrats protect abortion rights, it will be taken as an attack on the church itself. Yes, bishops, because it’s all about you.

Sarah Palin has given another 20 or 30 interviews, perhaps under the impression that she actually won the election (and that “progress” is a transitive verb, as in “I would be happy to get to do whatever is asked of me to help progress this nation”), including one with Wolf Blitzer.

She offered to “assist and support” Obama in any way she could, especially by talking some more about his association with William Ayers, “if anybody still wants to talk about it”. Anybody still want to talk about it?

She praised Bush for “reaching out to Barack Obama and to both potential new Cabinet members also, and those who we know will be in the Cabinet, reaching out to them.” Yes, the moron thinks she knows who Obama has picked as Cabinet members.

She also praised Bush for “keeping our country safe for the last seven years with no new attack on the homeland... You know, I want to do a shoutout to our president and thank him for that.”

She also had to be corrected by Monsieur Blitzer about the number of charges Ted Stevens was convicted of (7, not 4), and even had to be told that the Senate election in her state still hasn’t been decided, since votes are still being counted (indeed, right now, Stevens is losing in the count). Details, details. She does say that while she might run for Stevens’s seat in a special election if the people of Alaska “call an audible on me” and if God’s “got doors open for me,” she won’t appoint herself to replace Stevens (which she evidently doesn’t know Alaska law prohibits her from doing), because she isn’t that “egotistical and arrogant.” Yes, no one could accuse Sarah Palin of being egotistical and arrogant.

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