Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Effective is always important

Today Bush visited the Department of Transportation to talk about aviation congestion. Not that he’d know anything about that: “You have done a terrific job, as far as I am concerned. The past eight years I have not seen a traffic jam -- (laughter) -- waited for an airplane -- (laughter) -- or had my bags lost. (Laughter.)” And they always give him plenty of pretzels...

WHY EFFECTIVE IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT (HINT: IT’S THE REMINDING) (HE’S THE REMINDERER, YOU KNOW): “Effective is always important when it comes to reminding our citizens that the government can respond in a way that will make them proud.”

GEORGE PRAISED TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY MARY PETERS IN THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE TERMS: “Madam Secretary, you did your job. That’s what I expected when I asked you to serve”.

One way to look at it is they’re saying, will traveling home for the holidays be ‘It’s A Wonderful Life,’ or will it be ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’

IN OTHER WORDS: “This year, we’re going to expand what we call the ‘Thanksgiving Express Lanes’ to areas of the Midwest, the Southwest, and the West Coast, including the skies over Phoenix and Los Angeles. In other words, we innovated last year to ease the travel; it worked, and now we’re expanding that innovation this year.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “During my time in office, or our time in office, we have put regulations in place to make airlines more accountable for the way they treat passengers. In other words, we have done this kind of regulatory regime before”.

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