Saturday, November 22, 2008

That which enabled us to be successful in the past must be used to help us chart a more hopeful future for tomorrow

Bush is in Peru for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, the last time he will (shudder) represent the United States abroad, and he gave a little speech.

WHAT IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE WORLD TO RECOGNIZE, AND FOR OUR COUNTRY TO RECOGNIZE: “I believe it is important for the world to recognize, and for our country to recognize, that the United States is a Pacific nation.”

LAYING THE FOUNDATION: “A week ago in Washington, you might have heard that I had the honor of hosting a summit in what will be the series of international summits to address the financial crisis. I didn’t believe we could solve all problems in one meeting, but I did believe it was important for us to host the initial summit to get it started, to lay the foundation for successful -- for meetings.” Phew, thank god he corrected that, or somebody might have expected him to do something successful.

Who am I kidding – no one would expect Bush to do something successful.

Although he does believe that he knows how to be successful. It has something to do with charts: “That which enabled us to be successful in the past must be used to help us chart a more hopeful future for tomorrow.”

NOT ESPECIALLY, GEORGE: “The APEC region’s share of the global economy has grown nearly 55 percent. Isn’t that interesting?”

NOT ESPECIALLY, GEORGE: “At our summit in Washington last weekend, leaders from around the world expressed strong support for completing Doha. Isn’t that interesting?”

He said that we now have free trade agreements with China, Singapore, and Australia. China, Chile, same dif.

WHAT GEORGE HAD A CHANCE TO HAVE: “I just had a chance to have a cup of coffee with President Uribe. He is a strong leader. He’s a good friend. And our Congress and our government must never turn our back on such a friend as Uribe.” Yeah, I wouldn’t trust that shifty fuck with my back turned to him either.

CONTINUE TO WORK DOWN: “The nations in this region must also continuing to work -- must continue to work down -- continue working to break down trade barriers at the global level.”

WHAT HE’S TOLD PEOPLE A LOT: “I’ve told people a lot since my presidency this truth: I believe there is an Almighty. And I believe a gift of that Almighty to every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth is freedom.” Also that story about the time he and the Japanese prime minister went to Graceland. In two months, we’ll never have to hear either one again.

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